Tours start in spring 2015

We are currently conducting the last bits and pieces – but for sure our first tour starts in spring 2015. In our comfortable minibuses we will cater for small groups – being able to provide you with a personal approach towards this sensitive topic.

If you are interested in the history of the „Third Reich“ and want to learn more about the Nazi terror, then this tour is offering you a much deeper insight into this era than any other tour.


See it all in one tour: unique sights, memorials and places of Berlin’s notorious Nazi era

Our unique tours offer you a wide range of Nazi sites that you won’t encounter anywhere else. This is what you’ll see:

  • the catacombs of Tempelhof airfield, where slave workers assembled war planes
  • enter a real WW2 bunker and get an idea of what it felt like during an air raid
  • learn about Hitler’s megalomaniac plans to convert Berlin into the Third Reich’s capital „Germania“
  • visit the only remaining part of the famous and gigantic inner city „Autobahn“
  • visit a former Nazi prison
  • the original deportation site from where jews were transported into concentration camps
  • gigantic Nazi style architecture
  • the Olympic Stadium, where the 1936 Olympic Games were held
  • the place of Hitler’s bunker, where he committed suicide
  • House of the „Wannsee Konferenz“, the place where Nazi officials planned the genocide
  • the former Wehrmacht headquarters, the site where members of the resistance were executed (as seen in Tom Cruise’s movie „Stauffenberg“)
  • and many more…