See it all in one tour: unique sights, memorials and places of Berlin’s notorious Nazi era

Our unique tours offer you a wide range of Nazi sites that you won’t encounter anywhere else. This is what you’ll see:

  • the catacombs of Tempelhof airfield, where slave workers assembled war planes
  • enter a real WW2 bunker and get an idea of what it felt like during an air raid
  • learn about Hitler’s megalomaniac plans to convert Berlin into the Third Reich’s capital „Germania“
  • visit the only remaining part of the famous and gigantic inner city „Autobahn“
  • visit a former Nazi prison
  • the original deportation site from where jews were transported into concentration camps
  • gigantic Nazi style architecture
  • the Olympic Stadium, where the 1936 Olympic Games were held
  • the place of Hitler’s bunker, where he committed suicide
  • House of the „Wannsee Konferenz“, the place where Nazi officials planned the genocide
  • the former Wehrmacht headquarters, the site where members of the resistance were executed (as seen in Tom Cruise’s movie „Stauffenberg“)
  • and many more…

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